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Dr. Sue Penczak has made a difference in my life and my well being.  These words do not do justice to her commitment to healing.  In a persons most difficult times of their life where their health is concerned there is absolutely no one I would want at my bedisde more than Dr. Sue.  I have found her honesty, commitment to healing, and overall approach from diagnosis to treatment to be oustanding. Dr. Sue has often time in my case done reserarch on her own time for my treatment, and can easily think "outside the box", in difficult diagnosis, I trust Dr Sue sas a healer, but more just a Doctor, I trust her as a friend.
William Straus, Belmar

I have had periodic episodes of acute back pain for years due to my scoliosis and disc herniations.  Even at it's best my back was always uncomfortable to some degree.  I have seen an orthopedic surgeon who recommended spinal surgery.  A neurologist recommended using muscle relaxers.  After many years of suffering, I decided to give chiropratic a try.  Dr. Sue has really helped me.  I am no longer in pain.  I am able to do anything I want to do.  I continue to see Dr. Sue now on a maintenance basis.  In the past, I have gotten sick every winter but not last winter.  Also, I no longer suffer from recurrent kidney infections.  I believe the chiropractic adjustments have been helping my body function properly.  It's great to be out of pain.
Lisa Andriacchi, Spring Lake Heights

In 1987, I received a major lower back injury.  In the past 25 years I have had numerous flair-ups and aggravations of that injury.  I have been treated with medications(mussel relaxers and pain meds), traction and pnysical therapy all with limited results. Serveral years ago., I was suffering from lower back pain, neck and shoulde pain and headaches.  I decided to try something new.  I went to see Dr. Susan Penczak, a chiorpractor.  After my evaluation and several treatments, I was amazed at how  much better I felt.  I noticed improvement every week. I have continued with treatment to this date and I feel wonderful.  Chiropractic treatment has helped change my life.  Thanks Dr. Sue!!!
Richard M., Brick

I have been a patient of Doctor Penczak's for a year and a half.  She has helped me improve my range of motion, flexibility, and and aided hip and lower back problems.  Dr. Penczak and office staff are always professional and welcoming.
M.J.T , Neptune

Dr. Sue has been treating my daughter for a few months now and I am very impressed in her knowledge and the caring way she explains everything to my teenage daughter.  I would recomment Dr. Sue in a heartbeat!  Thank you!
Janet Pakrul, Brick

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